Mr. Mustachio Is Falsely Accused

Cover for Mr. Mustachio Is Falsely Accused by Dawn MacKinnon shows a red Persian cat sitting on a pedestal. At his feet are shards of broken glass with a trail of paw prints leading up to them

What happens when a hard-boiled detective finds himself in a cozy mystery?

Sam Jones has left the force. Going forward, the only mysteries he’ll solve will be fictional ones as he pursues his dream of becoming an author. But he’s barely moved into Chez Celine, a former mansion repurposed as an artist collective, before two unfortunate discoveries demand his attention. One is the dead body of his new apartment’s previous occupant, found stuffed in a trunk. The other is an award-winning vase, found shattered on a storeroom floor.

The list of murder suspects is endless. Everyone hated Amelie. But when it comes to the broken vase, the perpetrator seems obvious. It must be Sam’s unlikely landlord—an unusually intelligent cat named Mr. Mustachio.

Sam has never made friends easily, but as he gets to know Mr. Mustachio’s human representative, Algernon, his feelings move beyond friendship. But Algernon seems to know more than an innocent man should. To find the true culprit, and perhaps true love, Sam must prove that both Algernon and Mr. Mustachio have been falsely accused.

Mr. Mustachio is Falsely Accused is book 1 in the Mr. Mustachio Murders. Available now from Amazon. $4.99 to buy or read with Kindle Unlimited.