Meet Mr. Mustachio

Mr. Mustachio, a red persian cat, sits next to his scratching post

Mr. Mustachio is a red Persian with a white mustache and belly. He lives at Chez Celine, a mansion turned into a space where artists can both live and sell their wares. Mr. Mustachio owns Chez Celine, which was left to him when Celine Levesque, its former owner, died.

Mr. Mustachio has a human counterpart named Algernon, a willowy man of indeterminate age whose strawberry blond curls and amber eyes are striking reminiscent of Mr. Mustachio’s. Sam Jones, Chez Celine’s newest resident, thinks both Mr. Mustachio and Algernon are cute and cuddly, if occasionally a little annoying.

Sam has moved to Chez Celine to write mysteries, but with Algernon and Mr. Mustachio helping, he solves a few real life murders along the way.